Powering On-the-go Business Enterprises

Mobilize . Enagage . Empower . Transform

EME, today, is being acknowledged as an emerging leader in Mobility solutions in the MENA region. This springs from a core competency, nurtured through a single minded focus in Mobility since 2004. Recognizing the potential of Mobility in becoming a growth engine for tomorrow’s enterprise, EME has dedicated a decade of research to pioneer a portfolio of tools and services to enhance enterprise mobility strategies.

Our enterprise mobility solutions find application across the value chain of an enterprise, enabling customer retention, employee productivity, optimal speed to market and lowered cost of customer acquisition or service.

Our pioneering solutions for the distribution, payment, human resources, telecom and education industries are accessed through our scalable and handset independent platform. Our customers are recognizing the ROI, enabled from our applications, through increased profitability, improved customer-experience and loyalty, as well as employee productivity.

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